Asset Management


REL Group provides the systems and procedures required to track and maintain field assets.

Systems and procedures to track field assets and bring down the total lifetime cost for customers. Included in this services is product procurement, real time management information, warehouse and logistics, branding and maintenance.

  • Our dedicated team planning and scheduling team cater for day to day business, individual projects and full roll out of new business.
  • Our team is strategically located to provide full coverage over the Island of Ireland ensuring continuity of service and quick response times.
  • Our real time management information provides you with up to date and relevant information enabling you to grow your business while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Benefits of Asset Management

Increased Asset Availability: Regular maintenance ensures the longer operational capabilities of assets.

Reduction in repair costs and downtime: Proactive servicing and management will identify potential issues before they are critical. Reducing replacement costs and expensive repairs.

Increased Asset Visibility: Asset Management tools can provide real-time visibility into the status, location, servicing information, cost breakdowns etc of in field assets.

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